Amber holding her diploma



Amber recently graduated with her high school diploma from our school — and with a complete bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame College in Cleveland!


At the age of 17, Amber graduated from Ohio Connections Academy — and received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Notre Dame College in Cleveland. She accomplished this through College Credit Plus, Ohio’s dual-enrollment program that allows students in grades 7–12 to earn high school and college credit at the same time.

What’s next for Amber? “I want to be a licensed professional clinical counselor. So, for me, my educational career isn’t done yet. I want to go to Ursuline College for their master’s program in counseling and art therapy.” Amber plans to start classes in the fall and hopes to be a licensed professional clinical counselor by the time she’s 21.

I’ve been taking college summer courses since seventh grade. . . . It really took a lot of focus and passion.

— Amber