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Online High School Courses in Ohio

Students who enroll in the fully accredited online high school classes at Ohio Connections Academy (OCA) get the flexibility and support they need to succeed in every area of their lives. The 9–12 education features a core online curriculum including math, science, English, and social studies. Electives in varied topics such as digital photography, marine science, game design, and world languages encourage students to explore and grow to become well-rounded individuals. Honors and Advanced Placement®* courses provide the challenge needed for college preparation. Students can also prepare for the future by joining college and career clubs.

Each student follows a personalized learning plan and has access to school counselors who help promote academic achievement and personal development.

Preparing for College

College and Career Planning

To make sure that the graduating class of seniors are well prepared for the transition out of online high school and are aware of the graduation requirements, OCA provides:

  • Access to a full-time certified school counselor
  • Assistance creating a four-year academic plan
  • College and career planning, including:
  • Guidance in finding appropriate college or career opportunities
  • College application process LiveLesson® online workshops, including information on local colleges/universities
  • Financial aid and scholarship LiveLesson online workshops
  • Free access to college admissions test preparation online courses and information about test dates, locations, etc.
  • Official transcripts
  • Additional extracurricular activities
  • Career Technical Education (CTE) courses, which allow students to combine both college preparation and workforce skills development into one customized education program. CTE courses encourage students to explore and prepare for careers in finance, marketing, psychology, criminal justice, and more.

To learn more about available online high school courses in Ohio, take a look at the course descriptions below. Find out what it’s like to learn at Ohio Connections Academy virtual high school by checking out our sample lessons.

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