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Zameer Murad

OCA student Zameer and his sister playing soccer

Zameer is a graduate from Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). He lives in Youngstown, Ohio with his sister, Sumeera, who is also an OCA graduate. At OCA, Zameer was able to take advanced courses that appeal to his curious nature. His mother shares his story below:

'To Zameer, time is of the utmost importance in life. Because OCA has a well-organized program with effective lessons that are clear, interesting, and straight to the point, time is not wasted.

He says, ‘I appreciate that OCA is efficient with time. That’s why it works best for me. My favorite subjects are pre-algebra and science. Pre-algebra makes sense, and every particle in the world somehow is connected to numbers. Science teaches me how to solve the unknown or unexplored. What could be more interesting than that?’

Outside of school, he was involved with many activities, including karate, gymnastics, soccer, wrestling, and piano. Zameer was passionate about using his spare time at his imagination station, where he was able to problem-solve world issues and formulate ideas for inventions and discoveries.

His future aspirations are to become president of the United States and make time travel to the future and through the past a reality. Zameer’s integrity, intelligence, and quest for wisdom and knowledge will certainly take him beyond the realm of matter.'

I appreciate that OCA is efficient with time. That’s why it worked best for me.
— Zameer