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Kyle Chapa

Kyle Chapa playing golf

Kyle Chapa is a high school student at Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). His older sister, Alyssa, is a graduate of OCA. Kyle enjoys OCA’s interactive and interesting courses. He shares his story below.

“What interested me in OCA was being able to work on assignments at my own pace, and around my schedule and interests. I feel that the added web links attached to the lessons work well for me in this program. They are very beneficial and help me understand new concepts. It is also nice that I can replay LiveLesson® sessions as many times as I wish. My favorite subject is history because I really love studying about past presidents and major events that have taken place over time.

At OCA, I have the chance to explore different types of courses. I have been able to take Marketing, Game Design, Digital Arts, and a few other fun classes. Technology has always been an interest for me, so I am thankful that OCA offers these courses.

I have good relationships with my teachers, who I keep in touch with through monthly phone calls. If I have any questions, I know I can reach them through WebMail or by phone. I have enjoyed many teachers over the years. One teacher that I really connected with was Mr. Warniment. I had him for Algebra 1; he was also my homeroom teacher. He made learning about math fun. During our monthly phone calls, we would talk about school related topics, but we had some awesome conversations about video games and golf as well. I can tell that Mr. Warniment cares about the education of his students and I find that very inspirational.

Outside of school, I am passionate about history, animals, playing video games, and spending time golfing. During the summer, I will play in golf tournaments around Butler County, or spend time in the backyard hitting practice balls. When I am with friends, I enjoy going to the movies, gaming, shopping, being creative, or just sitting and talking. I keep up with my friends through phone calls, texts, and social media. There are a lot of students that I have taken classes with since elementary school. Everyone is very friendly and it is easy to form friendships.”

This virtual learning experience has helped me prepare for whatever future career path I choose—and for that I am grateful.
— Kyle