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Jordan Baker

OCA student Jordan

Jordan Baker is a graduate of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). He is from  Cincinnati, Ohio. His younger brother, Zachary, is also an OCA student. At OCA, Jordan is able to take engaging real-time lessons that help him better understand the material. Jordan shares his story below.

"My favorite teacher at OCA was my math teacher, Ms. Pyle. Her LiveLesson® sessions were great, and she helped me more than any teacher I’ve ever had. Math was never my strongest subject, but she made it easy to understand

Another thing I liked about OCA was being able to have such a wide variety of classes to choose from. My favorite subject was German.

Outside of school, my biggest accomplishment is that I became a second lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron at Lunken Airport. I also received a Billy Mitchell award. Only ten percent of the cadets across the United States receive this award."

Read his mother’s story to learn more.

My math teacher at OCA helped me more than any teacher I’ve ever had. She made math easy to understand.
— Jordan