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Caleb Martin

OCA student Caleb

Caleb Martin is a 2016 graduate of Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). His sister, Kelsey, is also a student at OCA. OCA’s personalized learning structure has helped Caleb to become much more confident and independent. Read below for more of Caleb’s story.

Caleb attended a bricks-and-mortar school for his entire elementary education before his family started seeking out alternative options. He says, “It was difficult for me because my learning style is methodical, and this didn't come across well with teachers. At times, I was ridiculed because, according to the teachers, I was working too slowly. At OCA, learning at your own pace is welcomed.

OCA has taught me about time management, and of course, to not procrastinate. If you use your time well, you have time for extracurricular activities and interests. My favorite subject was AP Computer Science because it gave me college-level experience.”

Caleb has a large variety of interests outside of school that he was able to enjoy thanks to his flexible schedule. “I am interested in fitness and physical health, and I want to become certified as a personal trainer in college. I am also interested in volunteering, computer programming, and of course, gaming.

I plan on attending a four year college to major in computer science and minor in cyber security. I will also be part of ROTC. After I graduate college, I will join the Air Force as an officer with a focus on cyber security for the United States of America. OCA has prepped me for success by enhancing my work ethic. It has allowed me to discover my passions, and has prepared me to excel in college-level computer science courses. Also, I will be working on starting my own software development company.”

To learn more about Caleb’s story, read his mom, Carla’s, website profile.

At OCA, learning at your own pace is welcomed. You can be successful and you can be an excellent student.
— Caleb

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