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Alyssa Chapa

Alyssa Chapa doing schoolwork

Alyssa Chapa is a 2016 graduate at Ohio Connections Academy (OCA). Her brother, Kyle, is a high school student at OCA. OCA allowed Alyssa to explore a wide-range of course topics. She shares more about her experience at OCA below.

“OCA interested me because it offered courses that were not available in a traditional bricks-and-mortar school. For instance, at OCA, I was able to take Spanish while in elementary school (second grade), which helped me greatly when I started Spanish I in high school. The structure of OCA allowed me to work around my interests, and having the curriculum laid out for me allowed me to work ahead in certain subjects. This worked out to my advantage, especially if I had a portfolio or a big project to complete. I could then dedicate my time accordingly.

I always maintained good relationships with the teachers at OCA. Since I did not require much assistance, I didn’t contact my teachers too often. However, if I had a question, I knew that I could get in touch with them by phone or WebMail. I had many amazing teachers throughout my education at OCA—the one who impacted my life the most was Ms. Brecheisen. She was my third grade teacher, as well as my homeroom teacher. She was encouraging; her style of teaching was refreshing, and she honestly cared about her students. She is passionate when it comes to young lives, and she is the true definition of an educator.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my courses, what I liked best about OCA is that I was able to create lifelong friendships. Not only from classmates in Ohio, but also from different parts of the United States as well. I am a very social individual—my philosophy is that you can never have too many friends. Connections Academy’s Student Directory was a really nice feature.

While attending OCA, I kept up with my friends through phone calls, texts, and social media. There were a lot of students who I had taken classes with since elementary school. Everyone was very friendly and it was easy to form friendships.

OCA has helped prepare me for my future endeavors by allowing me to further explore different courses that I found interesting and discover new ones. Learning on a virtual scale enabled self-motivation and reinforced a self-starter quality. I am extremely appreciative for OCA’s guidance—now I am ready for the next step. Life is full of possibilities and I plan on exploring them to the fullest.”

OCA has helped prepare me for my future endeavors. This learning experience allowed me to explore different courses that I found interesting and discover new ones.
— Alyssa