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Ohio Connections Academy Supports Military Families

A father in a military uniform with his wife and young daughter

To enhance support for students from families who serve in the Armed Forces of the United States, Ohio Connections Academy (OCA) has developed a Military Support Team (MiST). Our goal is to honor the distinguished service of these men and women and their families by helping their children receive the best possible education at our school.

Purple Star Designation

Ohio Connections Academy was named a Purple Star designated school by the Purple Star Advisory Board in December 2018. To receive this recognition, a school must commit staff members to act as a point of contact for military families and provide resources. Learn more about how OCA came to receive the Purple Star recognition.

Our Military Support Team (MiST)

The role of Ohio Connections Academy’s Military Support Team is to ensure that these students and their families have the support they need to overcome the challenges associated with transfers, deployment, and other situations that arise for military families. The Military Support Team identifies military families in our school community and works with teachers to connect their students to the resources, support, and consideration they deserve.

MiST is prepared to assist:

  • when your family transfers from a base in another state
  • if your family needs guidance when transitioning to an online environment
  • when you need information about local graduation requirements
  • if students need extra support during a family member’s deployment
  • as you plan a transfer to an out-of-state base
  • with other family needs related to military service

Military Support Team Contacts

Ohio Connections Academy has designated liaisons at various grade levels to assist with specific questions and needs. If you are enrolling or currently enrolled, please reach out to Mr. Stanford or Mrs. Pyle for assistance.

MiST Contacts

Gene Stanford (Lead and Contact for Grades 6–8)

Mindy Pyle (Contact for Grades K–5)

MiST Liaisons

Charlotte Reger (Grades 6–8)
Katie Loubier (Grades 9–12)
Justin Pyle (Grades 9–12)

Resources for Military Families

MiST liaisons have developed a comprehensive catalog of resources to support the unique needs of OCA military families. Here is a sampling of the many resources we have available:

Education Resources

Family Resources

Postgraduation Prep Resources

  • March2Success—Online program developed to help students prepare for standardized tests, military entrance exams, and a variety of other exams.
  • eKnowledge ACT/SAT Prep—Online ACT/SAT preparation program available on any internet-enabled device.

Scholarship and Grant Resources