STEM-themed Online Trivia Game Offers Interactive, Learning Activity for Students of All Ages

BALTIMORE (March 12, 2015) – Educators at Connections Academy are offering a fun, free, online trivia game focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts for students of all ages. The launch of Connections Academy Quiz Bowl Trivia Challenge: STEM Edition comes as teachers, students and families prepare to celebrate Digital Learning Day on March 13 and Pi Day on March 14.

Digital Learning Day is a national celebration of great teaching practices—powered by digital resources—that improve the overall learning experience in America’s K-12 public schools. Coast-to-coast, educators will share best teaching and learning practices about leveraging digital resources to enhance the role of teachers, fully engage students, and improve student learning outcomes. Pi Day is a worldwide celebration of the mathematical symbol Pi (π), which is approximately 3.14159, and is used to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Whether in celebration of technology in the classroom or just to test knowledge of STEM concepts, students of all ages are invited to play the Quiz Bowl Trivia Challenge: STEM Edition offered by Connections Academy— leading national provider of high-quality, tuition-free, highly accountable K-12 virtual public schools— and then challenge their friends.

The new Quiz Bowl Challenge, available to the public, is inspired by Connections Academy’s Quiz Bowl Club, where the virtual school students participate in weekly academic competitions with their peers across the nation. The Quiz Bowl Club is one of the many clubs and activities the virtual school students enjoy.

Featuring twenty trivia questions of varying degrees of difficulty, the Quiz Bowl Challenge promotes lively and educational discussions among parents, students, and friends, and serves as a resource for teachers looking to incorporate STEM concepts in lessons. To take the Connections Academy Quiz Bowl Challenge or to download the complete list of questions, visit


Who was one of the co-founders of Apple® Inc.?

A. Steve Jobs
B. Bill Gates
C. Mark Zuckerberg
D. Charles Babbage

2. In mathematics, a fraction represents _______________.

A. Parts of a whole
B. An entire object
C. The sum of the parts
D. None of the above

3. What are the three states of matter?

A. Earth, wind, fire
B. Hot, cold, wet
C. Solid, liquid, gas
D. Light, sound, and ultraviolet

Answers: 1 – (A) Steve Jobs, 2 – (A) Parts of a whole, 3 – (C) Solid, liquid, gas

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