Back-to-School Special Delivery: A School Year in a Box!

Families at Connections Academy Virtual Public Schools Save on Education Costs - Get a Year’s Worth of School Supplies, Delivered Right to their Doorsteps

BALTIMORE, July 22, 2009 — Getting back-to-school supplies takes on a whole new meaning for families with students enrolled in Connections Academy virtual public schools. Just before school begins, they get a back-to-school special delivery: a school year in a box, delivered right to their doorsteps.

Each year, students enrolled in Connections Academy look forward with great excitement to receiving their back-to-school boxes of learning materials. Connections Academy gives students everything they need, including computers, textbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs, microscopes and other science equipment, art materials, even jump ropes and other physical education supplies.*

“My daughter can’t wait for the Connections Academy back-to-school boxes to arrive,” observed Trish Sevits of Colorado Springs, whose daughter is enrolled in Colorado Connections Academy. “Opening up the big boxes is almost like opening birthday gifts – it’s very exciting and a positive way to start the school year. She just loves it and I love to see her enthusiasm about school.”

Connections Academy virtual public schools are more popular than ever this year – and not only because of this high level of support for families. In these tough economic times, many families looking for ways to trim education expenses are switching their children from private schools to virtual schools, which provide a free, highly personalized, high quality education. Families seeking a public school alternative for gifted students or those not thriving in a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ classroom also are flocking to Connections Academy. Parents can still enroll their children in Connections Academy schools for this coming school year. Parents are encouraged to visit to learn more.

The back-to-school boxes, while comprehensive, are just one small part of the Connections Academy virtual public school program. Connections Academy’s certified teachers and their relationships with the students and families, coupled with a rigorous, high-quality curriculum, really define the Connections Academy school experience, and contribute to students’ academic success.