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EdTech Digest

President Steven Guttentag discusses the importance of providing alternatives to one-size-fits-all public education in this piece, "An Unexpected Learning Journey"

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President Steven Guttentag discusses online school student engagement and accountability in this op-ed: "Does Presence Equal Progress? Tracking Engagement in Online Schools"

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President Steven Guttentag and Vice President of Data Analysis and Policy Matt Wicks discuss the current online learning landscape, recent reports regarding accountability issues, and the unique population online schools serve.

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Center for Digital Education

Vice President of Policy and Data Analysis Matt Wicks provides clarity on graduation rates and the challenges virtual schools face under current models.

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Commentary by President & Co-founder Dr. Steven Guttentag:

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“Putting student success first: Connections Education’s journey to improve online learning”

Guttentag discusses the voices often missing from news coverage and policymaker discussions about online education – the families choosing online schools for their students – and how Connections is committed to serving and learning from these family experiences.

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“Survey Results: Raised on technology, Millennial parents ready for personalized online learning”

Guttentag reflects upon results of the company’s latest survey of millennial parents, and how this generation of parents is poised to revolutionize education.

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“A Call to Action for Renewed Focus on Real Education Reform”

Guttentag responds to a recent report about virtual charter schools, a new Center for Education Reform manifesto, and the company’s continued commitment to online school students and families.

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“Why all the name-calling? Finding common ground for the betterment of education”

Guttentag discusses several misconceptions regarding charter schools, online schools, and companies such as Connections Education providing education services to schools.

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“Homework: Learning about virtual school before enrolling”

Guttentag discusses the importance of learning about online school before switching education options, and how this preparation helps students to be successful.

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