Connections Education Statement re: Education Week Series on Virtual School (November 2016)

BALTIMORE, MD (November 4, 2016) — Each year thousands of students and families choose virtual schools supported by Connections Education because they need and want a school option beyond the traditional classroom. They choose to attend for myriad reasons: the student is struggling and needs to catch up, there is bullying in their current school, they need flexibility to pursue athletics or performing arts, they require flexibility because they are facing illness and want school to be a place of certainty.

These family stories are vital to the discussion about virtual school. We continue to be disappointed that they are so often absent from national media reporting in general and that they specifically were lacking in Education Week’s latest series about virtual school. We hope future reporting will raise the family voice; draw attention to why this school option is so valuable for so many.

Connections Education continues to work tirelessly to support students and schools -- to pursue innovation and best practices, to demonstrate efficacy, and to encourage and engage in conversations about how virtual schools serve students and how to best ensure and measure success.

We are in this for the long run and welcome the opportunity to talk to families, policymakers and reporters about virtual education at Connections Education.