Connections Education statement regarding the report:

'A Call to Action: To Improve the Quality of Full-Time Virtual Charter Public Schools'

Baltimore, MD (June 16, 2016) — Since its inception fifteen years ago, Connections Education has vocally supported the public charter school community. We will continue to do so because it’s part of our mission and history.

We welcome a transparent and informed conversation about virtual charter schools, but today’s report offers no new analysis to further the discussion. Instead it perpetuates false stereotypes that conflict with publicly-available information for Connections-supported virtual schools. This creates confusion and conflict within the public charter school community at a time when unity and collaboration is needed more now than ever before.

Over 65,000 students across the country have chosen to attend a school supported by Connections Education this past year – many of them public charter school families. Their motivations and satisfaction with their virtual school should not be ignored. These families should be treated as equals within the public charter school community, not something less than equal. Connections will continue to fight for the equal rights of virtual school families to choose a school that best meets the needs of their children.

See additional statement about the research cited in this report