“Classroom-on-the-Go” Hits the Road

Cyber School Students at Commonwealth Connections Academy Gain Unique Learning Opportunity with Mobile Classroom; Only Cyber School in PA to Offer Classroom-on-Wheels

Harrisburg, PA (September 8, 2010) — This school year students at Pennsylvania’s premier tuition-free public cyber school, Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA), have a unique opportunity—the chance to learn on board a specially designed mobile classroom. CCA is the only cyber school in Pennsylvania to offer a classroom-on-wheels—which is scheduled to be on the road continuously throughout the school year; serving CCA students across the state. Enrollment for the 2010–11 school year is going on now.

The impressive 38 foot mobile classroom includes a full science lab complete with microscopes, frog specimens, and all the equipment needed for engaging science activities like water and soil testing. The mobile classroom will also be used for in-person reading lessons, book fairs, art exhibitions and more.

“At Commonwealth Connections Academy we are committed to delivering the best possible education for our students and we are proud to offer them this exciting one-of-a-kind resource—a mobile classroom to enhance their cyber school experience, commented Dennis Tulli, CEO for Commonwealth Connections Academy. “So far we have received incredible feedback—parents and students are eager to learn ‘on board’ with their teachers. We are the only cyber school in Pennsylvania to offer a mobile classroom—it sets us apart and demonstrates our commitment to our students and innovation. It is a great benefit for CCA students.”

CCA’s mobile classroom is traveling to cities and towns across the state so that all CCA students, no matter where they live, will be able to enjoy hands-on educational activities throughout the year. Teachers are traveling with the bus at all times to interact with students and lead activities and experiments. A custom-built bus, CCA’s mobile classroom is equipped with a satellite, internet capability, computers, microscopes, and equipment for conducting complete science and reading labs.

Funding for the initiative was obtained through the ARRA federal stimulus funds. Since the stimulus grant was a one-time payment, CCA administrators chose to use the funds to provide students from across the state the opportunity to participate in interactive educational programs through the mobile classroom.

Some of the activities planned for the mobile classroom include stream studies, bird and astronomy observation, frog dissections, water sampling, and soil testing. The mobile classroom will also be used for informational sessions, science as art demonstrations, book fairs, student art exhibits, language labs and more.

CCA’s mobile classroom highlights the school’s high-tech, high-touch individualized approach to learning, which has been meeting and exceeding student needs since 2003. According to the school’s 2009–10 Parent Satisfaction Survey, 96 percent of CCA parents agree that their students are satisfied with the Connections Academy program while 95 percent recommend CCA to other families considering the virtual school.

Every day, CCA students have access to certified teachers, print-rich curriculum, technology equipment, and community experiences; these tools are combined to create an academically stimulating and personalized program. CCA is a tuition-free, full-time, public cyber school for K–12 students in Pennsylvania and can accept students from anywhere in the state. 

VIDEO: Watch now to hear what parents, students, and teachers are saying about CCA

For more information about Commonwealth Connections Academy and its mobile classroom, please visit, www.connectionsacademy.com/pennsylvania.

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