Ohio Connections Academy statement re: Thomas B. Fordham Institute report

August 2, 2016 (Ohio) — We support open and informed discussions about virtual schools, ­how they operate, the students they serve, and how to measure school effectiveness. We support research that leads to greater access to quality school options in Ohio.

We appreciate Fordham’s understanding that online schools can be an effective fit for some students, however we believe the report’s broad look at e­schools results in general and problematic conclusions that don’t reflect the positive results achieved by Ohio Connections Academy. The Fordham Institute’s report fails to recognize that each of Ohio’s e­schools are unique, they serve unique students and therefore they have unique results.

We are proud to be the top­ performing e­school in Ohio (for the past 6 years) and the only online charter school to receive the Ohio State Board of Education’s first “Momentum Award,” recognizing schools and districts that exceed expectations in student growth. Ohio Connections Academy is responsible to our students, their parents and to Ohio taxpayers. We are committed to continuously improving instruction and the service we provide to our students and families.

Some highlights of our work:

  • Ohio Connections was one of 193 schools in the state (out of ~3,400) to receive an “A” on the state report card in all “Value Added” categories—focused on subgroups of students, including gifted, lowest 20 percent in achievement and students with disabilities.
  • Met or exceeded state averages in 22 out of the 32 indicators on the Ohio report card and outperformed all other e­schools in Ohio.
  • 89 percent graduation rate for students who were enrolled in all four years of high school
  • 2016 graduates received more than $3 million in college scholarships
  • 92 percent of parents would recommend the school to parents whose children are not enrolled in the program and 96 percent of parents are satisfied with the helpfulness of their OCA teachers

New infographic highlighting Ohio Connections Academy success

About Ohio Connections Academy
Ohio Connections Academy (OCA) is a tuition-free, K-12 public eSchool that provides a fully accredited, high-quality and highly accountable virtual education experience for approximately 3,200 students from all over Ohio. OCA combines Ohio-certified teachers and a rigorous, individualized curriculum designed by national education experts and customized to meet the specific standards set by the Ohio Department of Education. For more information, call 800–382–6010 or visit www.OhioConnectionsAcademy.com. Connections Academy and its parent company, Connections Education, are part of the global learning company Pearson (NYSE:PSO) www.Pearson.com.