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Tammy Hajovsky

Tammy Hajovsky

Tammy Hajovsky is an English teacher at New Mexico Connections Academy (NMCA). She joined NMCA in 2013 and has been teaching English literature for seventeen years. Ms. Hajovsky has a bachelor of science degree in communications from the University of Texas at Austin and a master’s degree in English education from New York University. She shares her story below:

“I began my teaching career in New York City, teaching English at Hunter College High School. I have taught English literature and composition in many states, including Alaska, Texas, California, Utah, and New Mexico. I have taught students in grades 6–12 including Advanced Placement® English. I have also taught literature and composition at the college level.

I am the master teacher at New Mexico Connections Academy. I teach grade 12 English and the AP English courses. I am also our mentoring coordinator and the training representative for all teachers. I absolutely love being a teacher at NMCA! I love our students and families! I enjoy the virtual setting as I feel I can truly connect with my students. One of the best things about NMCA is when we get together with our students for field trips.

I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have three children. Joseph, 20, is studying engineering at Ohio State University; Elias, 18, is a senior at St. Michael’s High School; and Ella, 14, is a ninth grader at Monte Del Sol Charter School. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies, taking my dog to the dog park and for walks, and spending time with my family.”

I absolutely love being a teacher at NMCA! I love our students and families!
— Ms. Hajovsky