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Haley Gibson

Haley Gibson

Haley Gibson is a middle school student at New Mexico Connections Academy (NMCA). She lives with her family in Albuquerque. Haley is able to accelerate and deepen her learning with the help of NMCA’s challenging curriculum. Learn more about her story below.

At NMCA, Haley particularly enjoys her Gifted and Talented science class. She demonstrated her initiative and talents when she developed an environmental improvement plan for a course assignment. Her plan was to clean the city parks. She assembled a team, and together they cleaned a local Albuquerque Park. The mayor's office was so impressed with her spirit and commitment that she was selected for the first ever "Hero of The Month" award and was interviewed by local news reporters.

In her spare time, Haley enjoys spending time with her family and doing community service.

As a project for school I assembled a team, and together we cleaned a local Albuquerque Park.
— Haley