Katelynn Schneringer

Katelynn Schneringer

Katelynn Schneringer is a fourth grade teacher at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). She started teaching at NCA in 2016 and holds a master’s of education degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of San Diego.Ms. Schneringer explains why she decided to teach and why she loves NCA:

“I became a teacher because I have always loved being able to help someone learn something new and accomplish something they thought they could not accomplish. I grew up with education being a very important part of life. I started tutoring math in high school and continued doing it in college. I then went to teaching preschool, providing after-school education for grades 2–6, and finally teaching elementary school.

A major benefit of teaching at an online school is the relationships I am able to have with my students and families. I get one-on-one time with each of my families at least once every two weeks, if not more frequently. I have more time to not only help with math but also learn about hobbies, interests, and major life events. In a brick-and-mortar school I rarely had time to talk to my students one-on-one and create the type of relationship I can at NCA.

We are training our students for careers that have not been created yet. How do you prepare a child for something you do not know? I believe NCA accomplishes this very well. Not only is the educational content very rigorous, but also students learn organizational skills, time management, cause and effect, civics, and many more things that go beyond the typical standards. I find that students in our program become increasingly responsible and intrinsically motivated about their education the longer they are enrolled.”

Choosing an educational plan for your child is a serious decision that we know is not made lightly. The staff at NCA understand the important decision you have to make and welcome all questions to ensure the best educational fit for your family.
— Ms. Schneringer