Devon Kisfalvi

Middle School Student

Devon is a middle school student at Nevada Connections Academy. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada. At Nevada Connections Academy, Devon is able to pursue his various passions while still receiving a quality education. His mother shares his story below.

'Ever since Devon was a baby, he loved to spend time in the pool. He had his first swimming experience when he was six months old. He felt so confident and secure in the water that he fell asleep in his dad’s arms while playing in the pool. He started competitive swimming lessons when he turned six. Devon frequently attends local swim meets and represented his team and community three times in the Nevada State Championships. He currently swims for Team Rebel Aquatics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV).

Devon’s second passion is traveling. He has traveled extensively in the United States and has been to numerous countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. He loves to go aboard cruise ships and visit interesting ports from a ‘floating hotel.’ One of his most memorable experiences was when he went dog-sledding atop a glacier in Alaska.

"I like the flexible schedule because I can stay home, work at my own pace, and get help from my great teachers when I need it. I also like the great field trips where I get to meet other Connections Academy students. My favorite subjects are science and math. My least favorite subject is language arts, but I can spend extra time on it because of the adjustable schedule at Nevada Connections Academy. I also like that my school travels with me via my computer."

— Devon

With all this traveling and a busy swim schedule, it quickly became evident that traditional schools would not work for Devon. We started looking for alternatives, and that is when we found Nevada Connections Academy. Nevada Connections Academy provides the flexibility that Devon needs, accommodates his schedule, and allows him the opportunity to travel often—sometimes in the middle of the school term. In those instances, Devon takes his laptop and a few books along, and continues his education regardless if he is in Alaska or on the beaches of Italy.

A conversation with Devon is never dull or boring. He loves to talk about his experiences and travels and, oddly, sometimes about politics. He says he wants to be a state senator someday or might even run for the presidency. He is already soliciting votes at the local grocery store and claims to have 155 loyal followers. I don’t know about all that, but for now he is focused on his education and studies at Nevada Connections Academy and is staying healthy through swimming.'


Nevada Connections Academy
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