Kim Arkerson

Kim Arkerson

Kim Arkderson is a third grade teacher at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). She started teaching in 2004 and joined NCA in 2014. She earned her bachelor’s degree in inclusive elementary education from Cazenovia College. Ms. Arkderson shares more about her experience and love for teaching:

“I became a teacher because everything about education, the students, books/reading, math, learning, and making change, inspired me. In college, I quickly and happily jumped on the education train and have never looked back.

I always thought that my time at NCA would be a quick pit stop in my education career. However, now there is no way I can imagine myself not being part of the NCA family. NCA is the real deal, from the teachers, staff, and administration to the students and families. I love every part of NCA, and I know my students and their families a thousand times better than in a brick-and-mortar setting. Every two weeks (or more) they invite me into their homes and vice versa.

Every student deserves to have a fantastic school experience. Online schools work well for families for so many reasons. A perk of my job in an online environment is seeing students succeed and find their joy again, after having a maybe not so positive experience in a different school setting.

Nevada Connections Academy students are on the path to a bright and successful future thanks to the challenging curriculum, the high expectations set for them by our school, and the variety of experiences and opportunities provided to them. We also enhance our students’ innate ability to be different, be forward-thinking, and be mobile and technology proficient!

My advice to prospective families is to give NCA a try! Once your student is enrolled, take one day at a time, don’t give up, check your WebMail every day, ask questions, and contact the teachers. Be sure to check out a field trip, and I will see you there!”

In her free time, Ms. Arkerson enjoys spending time with her kids, reading, cooking/baking, watching baseball (go, Nationals), and going to the beach.

Every student deserves to have a fantastic school experience.
— Ms. Arkerson