Will Whitesell

NCA student Will Whitesell playing guitar

Will Whitesell is a middle school student at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). NCA provides Will with the flexibility to pursue a career in entertainment while receiving a first-rate education. His mother shares his story below.

“Will was in traditional public elementary school until the beginning of fifth grade. It was a good experience for him, but the school was too crowded and he was falling behind. He wasn’t learning as much as he has at NCA; he loves NCA because he doesn't have to worry about being himself.

Will is excited to be at NCA because he is still able to do what he loves as an actor and singer. He traveled around the United States for 11 months and was in a new state almost every week. It was a great learning experience for him. He worked six days a week and traveled on the seventh day. Four days out of the week, he was doing school work. While traveling, he was able to see the many beautiful places in the world. He went to a lot of museums and educational places. Last summer, Will finished two movies that will be out in 2015. He also recently completed two commercials and a song that he wrote with his producer called “I Will Be.”

NCA’s program works for Will in many ways. He could be called out on a job at any moment, so it’s great that he can take his schoolwork with him when we travel and work at his own pace if needed. His favorite subject has always been math! This year it is harder, but his teacher is amazing, and he loves her—she is very patient with her students. He also loves science and American Sign Language. All of his teachers have been great to work with and have been very helpful.

His passion in life is singing—he sings all day long! He is now learning how to write songs and play the guitar and ukulele. He loves acting and writes his own scripts and short stories.

When he has time to hang with his friends, Will goes to the movies, goes bowling, rides bikes, hikes, and swims, but what they all love to do most is their music. He and his friends will get together and sing and act out scenes.”

What I like most about NCA is that they help make dreams come true! I can focus on my career when I need to, and I can focus on my school when I need to. I get the best of both worlds!
— Will