Tanya Ohler

Tanya Ohler and her son

Tanya Ohler is a mother of four and Learning Coach to three students who attend Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). She lives with her family in Las Vegas. Tanya likes that she is able to be involved in her children’s learning at NCA, and that they can socialize with their classmates at field trips and events. She shares her family’s story below.

“What I love about NCA is the flexibility, the one-on-one attention my children get, and the ability to know how my child is doing in their classes. NCA gives my family the choice to do school whenever we have the time to do so. My husband does not have normal days off from work, so with NCA, the kids can have the same days off to spend quality time with the family. With four kids, it can be hectic around the house, but I am grateful that we can do school work any time of the day with as many breaks as we need.

The traditional school system here in Vegas doesn’t work for my children. There are too many kids and not enough teachers. It is hard for teachers to give individual attention to any one child. NCA provides that one-on-one attention that my kids need. I provide the daily attention, and my child’s teacher provides interaction with them through a bi-weekly call and daily emails. The teachers are good, friendly, and more than willing to help out whenever needed. I just shoot over an email to my child’s teacher and get a response within a day or less. It’s great to know my child has the attention that they deserve.

Since I work with my kids every day, I know exactly what they are learning and how well they understand the material. I then can provide extra help for a topic that they just are not quite getting without waiting for a progress report or a note from the teacher. NCA provides extra resources to help me guide my kids through their work. They give detailed explanations for the assignments, and when it is not totally clear to me, the teacher helps. You and your child are never alone.

Some may wonder, ‘Why online school?’ NCA provides what my kids need—one-on-one attention. They also might ask, ‘Don’t the kids miss out on the social skills a normal public school provides?’ The answer is no. NCA provides get-togethers and field trips so that the kids can meet their classmates in person. The teachers also conduct weekly LiveLesson® sessions, where the students interact with their teacher in an online classroom. NCA has everything a traditional bricks-and-mortar school has and more. With all the craziness going on out there in the world, I am glad that the kids are safe at home with me, learning, and becoming who they are meant to be.”

Since I work with my kids every day, I know exactly what they are learning and how well they understand the material.
— Tanya