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Heather Frazier

Heather in the snow with her family

Heather Frazier is a parent and Learning Coach to Jace, an elementary student at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). As soon as Jace was born, Heather knew that she wanted to educate her child at home. She is happy that NCA allows her to be a part of Jace’s academic journey. Heather shares her family’s story below.

“After receiving brochures from a couple of different schools, we decided NCA had the best program for our child. I was a little nervous at the beginning! I wanted to be sure I was doing everything perfect so that Jace had the best experience. After a couple of weeks in kindergarten, I realized I was there to help him through the curriculum and to walk him through his assignments if he needed help. If there was ever a time he was having a struggle, like confusing his Bs and Ds, his teacher was always there to give us the tools that we needed to get over that hurdle. I love that I can email his teacher and get a response quickly when we need help!

Aside from my child having a great, supportive teacher, I also love the flexibility we have with our schedule! We are a busy family and don’t like to sit still much, so we enjoy having the ability to go on outings during the week with fellow NCA families, do our volunteer work on Fridays, and take a break from school on a beautiful day just to walk our dog and have a picnic in the park!

My favorite part about NCA and Jace being educated at home is that I get to see where he shines and where he struggles. Seeing him go from struggling to read small words with no desire to improve, to reading every sign anywhere we go without requesting any help is amazing! He now says that he feels he could be a librarian because he loves books, or an artist because he absolutely loves his art class! It’s been so great to see him grow and we look forward to many more years with NCA!!”

My favorite part about NCA and Jace being educated from home, is that I get to see where he shines and where he struggles.
— Heather