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Falcon View Connections Academy: Our School Leader

Anne Wasmund


Anne Wasmund

Principal Anne Wasmund is the school leader of Falcon View Connections Academy. She joined the school in 2009 and served six years as a secondary science teacher, followed by three years as an assistant principal. She finds joy when providing support to teachers, students, and families. Principal Wasmund shares her leadership approach and goals below:

“I am proud to lead Falcon View Connections Academy, where we strive to implement an individualized learning program for each student in a way that is typically not possible in a traditional education model. Our students and their parents have made a choice in terms of where they will attend school. I enjoy learning about each student, why they chose Falcon View Connections Academy, their interests and goals, and what motivates them in their learning.

Our staff is readily available to answer questions as families become familiar with our school setting. We offer a variety of activities and avenues for students to connect with one another. Parents are provided with resources and communication networks to aid in the transition to online education. Our teachers connect with each other throughout the day to ensure students and parents receive the most effective support possible. Students have many more opportunities to meet with their teachers on an individual basis in the online setting, and students have the freedom to create a daily schedule that works for them.

When students are given the power to progress through their lessons at their own pace, deeper and more authentic learning takes place. Students develop into strong independent learners and take ownership of their education. As students prepare for their next step after high school, they will be equipped with the essential technology and organizational skills to excel in any setting.”


  • St. Olaf College, BA Biology
  • University of Minnesota, MS Entomology
  • Concordia University, EdS School Administration