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Parent Involvement

At Falcon View Connections Academy (FVCA), virtual school parents are encouraged to be their student’s personal Learning Coach at home, helping to keep their children on task. Learning Coaches help to provide a structure when it comes to creating and managing a daily routine. Our online scheduling tool provides an easy way to schedule lessons for every subject and allows you to combine family and school activities. As Learning Coach, you can also monitor your child’s attendance and make sure he or she attends their state examinations as required.

Additionally, as Learning Coach you will stay in touch with your student’s teachers through online meetings, WebMail messages (our school’s secure internal messaging system), and by phone. Teachers will be in touch with you at the beginning of the school year to talk about how you can work together and help your child reach his or her full potential.

Understanding the Commitment

As a Learning Coach, fully understanding your role is instrumental to a successful virtual school experience for your student. Traditionally, your child’s age will determine how much time you spend as Learning Coach.

Online Elementary School—Starting Out Together

During grades K–5, our younger students need more support from parents or other caring adults at home as well as in their online classroom.

As a Learning Coach, you are encouraged to:

  • Spend around five hours each day overseeing your student’s schoolwork
  • Create a daily schedule with various activities and breaks
  • Help with lessons and communicate with teachers
  • Assist in monitoring student comprehension and progress
  • Transport your child to the state test, as required by grade level.

Online Middle School—Nurturing Independence and Accountability

In grades 6-8, students naturally become more responsible and independent. During these years, Learning Coaches offer more supportive help, and our highly qualified subject-specific teachers provide online instruction and give offline support in science, math, language arts, social studies, and other electives.

Learning Coaches help their student transition to more independent learning while:

  • Overseeing their schoolwork for around two to three hours per day
  • Help with some lessons
  • Keep watch over student grades and comprehension
  • Encourage students to contact teachers as needed
  • Talk with teachers regularly
  • Transport your child to the state test, as required by grade level.

Online High School—Students Take the Lead

For grades 9-12, FVCA online students begin to take charge of their education and work more independently while setting their own goals and exploring their future options.

Learning Coaches support their students’ growing independence by:

  • Spending about 30 minutes each day overseeing schoolwork
  • Verifying student lessons and assignments have been completed
  • Communicating with teachers and directing students to reach out to teachers when help is needed
  • Attending teacher conferences
  • Transporting your child to the state test, as required by grade level.

Complete Training and Support

Our virtual orientation program is meant to help our Learning Coaches better understand their responsibilities. It introduces all the support systems and resources we have made available to help create a successful experience for everyone. Connections Academy also has a searchable online support system that is available for use 24/7. Learning Coaches may also call toll-free to speak with a trained Connections Academy technical support team member. Our support representatives are available for installation and troubleshooting.

Support is also available from teachers, members of our school staff, and other families too.