“The flexibility of being able to do lessons at different times is what works well for me in this program. I like science the most because it is fun to do the lab experiments. Connections Academy is different from traditional school because we can do other activities after we finish school, other than homework. We have more flexibility to move around during the day and to work ahead to get lessons done.

My teachers are also very good at answering any questions that I have about my assignments. We also talk a lot about my hobbies and interests.

I usually like to draw, make objects out of clay, or watch Digimon (anime) when I need a break from my schoolwork. Most of my friends from school are online and live far away. We stay in touch by playing online games and using Google Hangouts or Skype. We sometimes meet for field trips or just to hang out and have fun.”

I love Connections Academy because we can edit our schedule to do things when they come up and not be stuck in a school where we can’t miss a day. This lets us move schoolwork around so we can do other fun things too.

— Wyatt

Casebier boys smiling and laughing