Elementary School Student

Oskar is an elementary school student who joined Minnesota Connections Academy in 2018 for his second-grade year. Oskar and his family appreciate the flexible scheduling that allows him to keep up with his busy lifestyle.

About Me

I play bass guitar, skateboard, run races, and spend time playing video games. I practice my bass almost every day and have lessons twice a week. My sisters and I have a band, and we are releasing a record soon, so we've been working on recording it. I attend two gaming clubs and have scheduled gaming times with friends during the week and on the weekends. I also try to go skateboarding or running every day, and have ran two 5k races so far this year. The best part about skateboarding and running is that they count towards my school P.E. hours.

All these activities can sometimes take up a lot of my time, and my schedule changes a lot, so my mom looks at what I have to do each day. I work hard to get all of my work completed by the end of the week.

Oskar playing the bass guitar


My Online Elementary School Experience

The program works well for me because it lets me do my classes whenever I want. We have some LiveLessons every day, but most of the work is on my own time where I can choose to do my schoolwork late at night or early in the morning. At my old school, I had to be at the building all the time, which made it hard for my family to travel.

All my teachers have been nice and supportive, and they make LiveLessons really fun. My favorite subject is science because we get to do interesting experiments and projects. I also like art class and working on book report projects for my language arts class. One of my favorite memories in class was when I shared a video that I made about a road trip with my family where we drove to Los Angeles and back.

I'm attending clubs and music lessons outside of school this year, but I liked the Wild Weather club I was in last year. It was fun to go to the costume party at school because I got to see my classmates, play games, and make interesting stuff.

What I like most about Minnesota Connections Academy is that it allows me to do my schoolwork when it is best for me, and I have great teachers!

— Oskar
Oskar at his desk


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