My Online High School Experience

With the flexible schedule at school, I can practice dance as well as nail designs. I can also work at my own pace and take more time with subjects that I'm struggling with. I appreciate how much my teachers care about me and check in on how I am doing. My favorite subjects are math and science because I've always enjoyed math and have been curious about science and how things in our world work.

A memorable moment for me at Minnesota Connections Academy was when I attended a meet and greet at the beginning of the school year with my teachers. It made starting the year much easier.

Kayla posing by a lighthouse

Future Plans

My goal is to become a nail technician, and Minnesota Connections Academy has prepared me for what I need to do to reach that goal. My teachers help me stay focused by taking everything one step at a time.

Minnesota Connections Academy helps me pursue my dreams by letting me have the ability to set my schedule and learn the best way that works for me.

— Kayla

Kayla holding her thumbs up and attending online school