“I have attended many different schools: three bricks-and-mortar schools and one other online school. Connections Academy is different because they offer students more than any other school I have attended. At Minnesota Connections Academy, you can take specific courses that prepare you more for life after high school, whereas the other schools I attended just assigned any classes to you.

I was interested in Minnesota Connections Academy because of the flexible schedule and course options. I am now able to work at my own pace, chunk my time, and complete schoolwork around my work schedule. I communicate well with my teachers; I do not have a problem picking up the phone and calling a teacher, and he or she does the same to get a hold of me. My favorite subject is World History. I have always found history interesting, especially our own country’s rich history.

What I like most about Connections Academy is the teachers, flexibility, course options, and the ability to excel.

— Ethan

After graduation, I plan on attending Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota to receive my degree in radiologic technology. Connections Academy has helped me get ready for my future by offering me medical courses in my senior year.”

Outside of school, Ethan enjoys four-wheeling, riding dirt bikes and sitting around a fire with friends, camping, and fishing.