Day In the Life of Oskar

To say Oskar is a busy student is an understatement. Juggling an active lifestyle, gaming clubs, and his music, Oskar needed a learning option that gave him the freedom and flexibility to learn in the way that works best for him. Explore what a typical Wednesday looks like for Oskar at Minnesota Connections Academy.
Band on the Run!

Meet Oskar

As a 4th-grade student, Oskar has developed a huge passion for music and now learning, as well. His flexible school schedule allows him to grow, learn, and develop, and it can be adapted for his busy music schedule of rehearsals, lessons, and writing.

Type of a Learner Scheduling Needs

Learning Coach Mother

Oskar at his desk completing an online lesson - Connections Academy
9:30 AM

LiveLesson® Homeroom

Starting the day off with his classmates in homeroom.


LiveLesson sessions are real-time online learning sessions where teachers, students and peers meet in the online classroom. Teachers engage students with activities and demonstrations to reinforce challenging concepts.

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10:00 AM


Getting fueled up for a day full of learning, skateboarding, and rock and roll!

Personal time
10:30 AM

Work on Lessons

With Oskar’s busy afternoon schedule, he tries to find as much time as possible in the morning to work on lessons.

11:30 AM


During this time, Oskar can be found gaming, relaxing, or jamming on his bass guitar.

Personal time
Oskar working on an online lesson at his desk - Connections Academy
12:00 PM

Work on Lessons

Back to work for Oskar as he focuses on his assignments for the week.

1:00 PM

Minecraft Club/Lunch

Oskar participates in two gaming clubs. The Minecraft Club meets every Tuesday, followed by some much-needed lunch.

2:30 PM


Oskar loves to skateboard, hike, and run. What he loves even more is that he gets to do these activities every day while counting it as his physical education.

3:30 PM

Work on Lessons

Just like skateboarding, Oskar keeps his nose to the grindstone throughout the afternoon.

4:30 PM


Flexible free time.

Personal time
5:00 PM

Work on Lessons

The last work session of the day.

6:00 PM

Band Practice


7:00 PM

Dinner and Free Time

More flexible free time.

Personal time
9:30 PM

Reading and Bed

Capping off the day with some light reading before lights out.

Personal time

Oskar’s Story

Learn more about Oskar’s opus and how he and his mom manage his busy schedule.

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Oskar smiling - Connections Academy
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