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Katie Stotko

Katie Stotko

Ms. Stotko is a secondary school math teacher at Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA). She started her teaching career with MNCA in 2006. Ms. Stotko holds a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University. She shares her story below.

“I became a teacher because I love working with students. I love to learn and wanted to pass that love on to others. I enjoy teaching at MNCA because of the flexibility it allows our students and families. I also get to collaborate with my fellow teachers and learn from them as we go along. Finally, I love that we are able to help so many types of students who previously didn’t have this option, but are now able to be successful because of MNCA.

A benefit of online schools is that I get to know my students and their families so much better. I am also able to individualize the student’s learning, which is great. I would tell prospective parents that MNCA teachers are here to help and want all their students to be successful. The main thing that will help in a student’s success is communication with the teachers. We are always available to help the parents and students, and there is no such thing as too many questions. Therefore, if they decide to come to MNCA, they can be assured that student will be supported from the beginning.”

The best feeling is when you are helping a student understand a concept that is difficult for them and they finally get it.
— Ms. Stotko