Linae L.

Linae holding a drawing

Linae is a high school student at Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA). She lives in Richfield, Minnesota with her brother, Grant, who also attends MNCA. MNCA’s flexible scheduling helps Linae to accommodate her ever-changing learning style. Her mother tells her story below.

"Linae started kindergarten at the local bricks-and-mortar school, and within two weeks we enrolled her in MNCA. As a result of a revision to her bricks-and-mortar school’s health policy, influenced by H1N1, Linae would have missed as much school as she attended. Connections Academy allows Linae to achieve her potential without having to choose between her education and her health.

Linae is different than other middle schoolers; she has some medical challenges—delays in infant milestones led to dozens of medical appointments in three different states. She uses a pushchair to conserve energy before she gets too tired. She needs to avoid dairy, peanuts, and glutinous foods. Linae’s receptive skills are varied. Some days she will add great detail to stories, color in all of the worksheet, and even forget to eat a snack because she’s so focused! Other days, she’ll take a three to four-hour nap after a field trip or playgroup activity. Still, on other days, she closely follows her brother’s third grade curriculum! MNCA adapts to all of those days!

Linae loves science and investigating the outdoors—animals, some insects, and plants that attract butterflies are her usual pursuits. She combines her scientific accuracy and artistic talent to spin whimsical tales within a mere moment’s notice, if inclined. The variety of the curriculum has engaged Linae’s imagination and curiosity, while also challenging her thinking.

Linae also attends Svenska Skolan! She has embraced her Swedish heritage by engaging in the culture and language studies and folk dancing. She has a generous spirit because she is always thinking of others before herself. For instance, Linae asked her friends to donate a stuffed animal to a children’s hospital for Operation Noah in honor of her birthday, so we sent them 17 animals!"

In the future, Linae would like to make My Little Ponies and write and illustrate books.

The variety of the curriculum has engaged Linae's imagination and curiosity, while challenging her thinking.
— Linae's Mom