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Katie Kluender

Katie and her family

Katie Kluender is a Learning Coach for her four kids who attend Minnesota Connections Academy (MNCA). She likes that MNCA allows her to be more involved in her children’s academic journey. She shares her story below.

“My husband Mike and I are very involved in everything our kids do. He sells insurance and is able to work from home and have a very flexible schedule to help out when needed. We started out with our first two kids in a traditional bricks-and-mortar school, but we never really knew what they were doing in the classroom because the teachers didn’t communicate a lot with us. I had some friends who told me about Connections Academy, so I decided to check into it.

I loved the fact that I was able to receive all of the curriculum and materials for free, and that there were teachers to help me make sure we did everything that was required. We now have all four of our children in MNCA. Sometimes being the Learning Coach to four students can be very challenging. I have to keep things very organized and scheduled to make it work for me.

I love the fact that my children can work at their own pace. If they are stuck on something, I can take more time to help them with it. We do volunteer work, and our girls have been in dance. Having a flexible schedule allows us time to fit all of these things in. It’s also nice to be able to have the time to teach our kids other life skills and= know that much of this training is considered part of their education at MNCA. What I like best about Connections Academy is the program’s flexibility and being able to know what my kids are learning.”

What I like best about Connections Academy is the program’s flexibility and also that I know what my kids are learning.
— Katie