Parent Testimonials

Michigan Connections Academy Parents Give the Program High Ratings

Each year, we survey Michigan Connections Academy parents to get their feedback on our virtual school program to help identify what we’re doing well and how we can improve. Our parents review the school on a number of criteria including student progress, teacher support, and quality of the curriculum. Here’s what parents had to say about the program:

Michigan Connections Academy
2018 Parent Satisfaction Survey Results

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of parents agree that the curriculum is high quality.
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of parents agree their children are satisfied with the program.
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of parents are satisfied with teachers' helpfulness.
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of parents are satisfied with the variety of learning activities.
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of parents would recommend Connections Academy to other families.
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of parents agree that our technology tools improve their child's learning experience.

Based on a survey of Connections Academy families conducted in
January 2018 by Shapiro+Raj

Student Satisfaction

Over 94% of our parents say their children are satisfied with our program and are pleased with their child’s academic growth.

We chose MICA because of its great curriculum, high standards, latest technology, and last but not least, the dedicated and qualified staff. We are confident that our kids are in good hands and in just one semester, our experience with MICA is very inspiring. We found our kids more engaged, focused, disciplined, and actually have enjoyed their school work. We can’t think of any other school that provides such an excellent education right in our home.

Our experience with MICA has exceeded all of our hopes so far. I believe any family looking for a truly challenging curriculum and willing to ask their children to perform to high standards will be happy to have found MICA. It has been immensely rewarding.

CA takes the good qualities of a public bricks-and-mortar school–such as state approved educational guidelines and the availability of free resources to parents and students; a private school–such as dedicated educators and a sound curriculum with a variety of resources; and home-schooling–such as flexibility and an education tailored to the individual student. These things are combined to make an excellent school.

Teachers Provide a High Level of Support

Nearly 97% of our parents praised the helpfulness of their child’s teacher. Our parents appreciate the dedication and professionalism of our teaching staff and report a high level of satisfaction with their work.

Aidan's MICA teachers are wonderful facilitators and partners in education. We are so very happy with the program. He is motivated and excited to learn, which is a true measure of a quality education!

Our family is extremely grateful for the help each of our daughter's teachers gave her and to us as we negotiated our way through the first several months of school at CA.

The teachers in this school are wonderful, so caring and compassionate. I feel that they care about the students and their success from the bottom of their hearts. I will never send my children back to a 'bricks and mortar' school after our positive experiences here.

The Curriculum is High Quality

Over 94% of our parents agree that our curriculum is high quality. MICA strives to bring together the best educational resources in order to create challenging and inspiring lessons for students.

The curriculum at MICA is exceptional, as well as all the lessons planned out for me, and my children have been able to excel in all their subjects and also take some electives and subjects that are interesting to them.

The curriculum is well organized and the lessons are easy to follow.

I love the fact that the books are all provided for you along with the curriculum. The Skills Tutor and Brain Pop® are wonderful. I'm enjoying the easy use of the computer for scheduling and attendance.

Everything is geared to my child. Her strengths and weaknesses are all taken into consideration as the curriculum is set for her. She is in charge of her learning.

Technology Enhances the Learning Experience

Nearly 94% of families agreed that our technology tools helped to improve their children’s learning experiences. Many parents appreciated Connexus, our proprietary education management system, for helping to keep them organized with grade tracking, scheduling, and communication.

At MICA, we use the Connexus education management system lesson planner to schedule our school days and feel it is a tremendous help. The schedule is also flexible, so our kids have the freedom to work ahead or ask for help when needed. The teachers are also very supportive and the LiveLesson® sessions are a wonderful help. I personally feel that this system has helped my kids to really enjoy learning and appreciate what is being taught.

What we like most about MICA is its regular interaction of the teachers through virtual classes, phone calls, and Webmail. This allows our kids to receive one-on-one attention throughout the course.

My favorite thing about MICA is having a schedule in place where I can see what their assignments are for the day, week or month.