Middle School Student

Emma is a 6th grader at Lighthouse Connections Academy. She loves gymnastics and due to her flexible school schedule, she’s able to have a “regular” routine, while she practices her routine! Here’s more of what Emma had to say about Lighthouse Connections Academy.

Why I Chose Lighthouse Connections Academy

I spend at least 20 hours a week, 4 hrs a day, if there is competition then usually more, so the flexible schedule allows me to work around my busy scheduled. Thanks to Lighthouse Connections Academy I can now focus on participating in more competitions in hopes to go to the Junior Olympics, while still progressing my education.

My schedule usually starts with getting gup between 8 and 9 in the morning. I log on and check my webmail and my daily schedule. Sometimes during LiveLesson I’ll have breakfast. Once school work ends in the mid-afternoon I go straight to the gym for practice. I do my best to get most of my lessons done early so I can have Fridays off.

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Lighthouse Connections Academy allows me to continue to learn in the way that works best for me, while helping me achieve my goal of competing in the Junior Olympics and beyond.

— Emma
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