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Free Online Elementary School Curriculum in Michigan

At Lighthouse Connections Academy, we focus on the core subjects of reading, writing, science, math, and social studies while also teaching study skills to help students gain the fundamentals needed for a well-rounded education. Lessons can be customized to support the needs of individual students. Offering free tuition and materials, Lighthouse Connections Academy is an online charter school and meets all state requirements for education.

The Gifted and Talented Program

When students reach third grade, those who qualify may enroll in the gifted and talented program. Younger students who show advanced abilities may also be able to enroll in this program or continue at an accelerated pace to work at a higher grade level.

Superb Learning Materials

Lighthouse Connections Academy’s online elementary school curriculum consists of high-quality materials from leading educational publishers and content providers. Materials include various media such as hard copy texts, lesson plans, instructional audio and video, and much more. We provide everything you need for a high-quality learning experience at home or wherever your child feels the most comfortable completing his or her studies.

At the online elementary school level, most of the content is provided in print, delivered to your door. These hard -copy resources are supplemented with Lighthouse Connections Academy’s online content. As your child advances, more of the virtual elementary school curriculum is delivered online but continues to be supported by print material.

Public School Curriculum Content

Lighthouse Connections Academy online charter school meets all requirements for the state of Michigan’s public school curriculum, as well as educational standards at the national level. Please review some of our sample lessons for elementary students.

In Lighthouse Connections Academy’s drive to be one of the best elementary schools in Michigan, our staff works tirelessly to build and maintain relationships with incredible academic partners such as BrainPOPⓇ, a producer of educational animated movies, and the Great Books FoundationⓇ.

Course Electives and Activities

Lighthouse Connections Academy understands that the core courses are the building blocks of a sound education and that course electives and activities are needed to keep students engaged and help them further develop their strengths and interests. Students can choose electives starting as early as kindergarten with exciting options such as sign language, music, and world languages.

Our many activities and clubs also provide opportunities for students to learn by doing and to keep students interacting socially.


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