Welcome to Great Lakes Cyber Academy!

You have joined an amazing community of parents, teachers, and administrators committed to improving your student's future. As an online school parent, it's important to be engaged in your child's education and to understand your role as a Learning Coach.

You can start preparing now for a successful school year by taking advantage of fun summer activities and events:

  • Complete your Learning Coach Orientation course. You can access it from your Connexus home page, locate the 'To Do List' section, and click on the link for Learning Coach Orientation.

  • Visit the Prepare for Success website and learn about the foundations for virtual school success.

  • Our Summer Connections program allows you and your student to get familiar with our online learning system, participate in many clubs and activities, and meet the teachers and students in the virtual school community.

  • Led by a currently enrolled parent, attending a Parent-to-Parent orientation will help prepare your family for the first days of school.

  • Learn more about our innovative education program by registering for an event.

Log-in to Connexus often to stay connected with us over the summer!