Ivan Mokhov

Ivan skating

Ivan Mokhov is a graduate of Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA). He is from Mason, Michigan. At GLCA, Ivan learned how to take ownership over his schoolwork, while maintaining his busy schedule. He shares his story below.

“I was very interested in GLCA because of the flexibility and the friendly teachers. My favorite subjects were geometry and physics. There was much more flexibility at GLCA than at my previous school, and I had a lot more time to figure skate.

My whole family is a figure skating family–both my sister and my brother also skate. My parents are my coaches. I am four-time Eastern Great Lake’s Regional champion, Midwestern Sectional Champion, and have placed 10th in the US Figure Skating National Championships.

The Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championship is the first competition of the season in which I competed. It includes competitors from nine states—the top four qualify for the Midwestern Sectional Championships. The Midwestern Sectional Championships includes competitors from three regional competitions. The top four competitors of these championships qualify for The US Figure Skating National Championships, which includes the 12 best competitors in the whole country.

Being involved in the sport of figure skating has helped me a lot in life. It keeps me disciplined, forms my character, and keeps my body healthy. Thanks to skating, I also know how to speak and read and write fluently in two languages: Russian and English."

What I liked most about GLCA was the flexibility because I was able to figure skate on my own time.
— Ivan