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Amanda King

GLCA student Amanda King doing schoolwork

Amanda King is a graduate of Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA), a free cyber school in Michigan. She lives in Erie, Michigan with her family. She found GLCA to be a good fit because she could learn at a pace that worked for her and had the teacher support she needed. She is passionate about school and is always striving to do her best. Read more about Amanda below.

“At GLCA, I had access to the teachers through LiveLesson® sessions, but they were not standing over me. I had freedom and could learn at a pace that suited me best. I loved GLCA because it gave me the opportunity to excel in my schoolwork and live up to my full potential.

Before GLCA, I attended a public bricks-and-mortar school. I began looking for a different learning experience because once I entered high school, I felt like no one cared about my grades or my well-being in the classroom. I was not being offered the help I needed, and if didn't understand something, my grades reflected that.

I love to read and play volleyball with my sister. GLCA worked for me because I was able to arrange my school work around my busy schedule. Now that I have graduated, I would like to go to college, preferably at the University of Toledo. I would like to become a pediatric nurse or a nurse anesthetist.”

Amanda’s favorite subject at GLCA was psychology. Her mother says, “Amanda is so special because of her very caring nature and how she is not only smart but is very conscientious and responsible.”

I loved GLCA because it gave me the opportunity to excel in my school work and live up to my full potential.
— Amanda