Summer Connections Program

What is Summer Connections?

Looking for an exciting way to keep your student involved with learning this summer? We can help! Summer Connections is a unique program that allows current and newly enrolled students to better get to know their teachers, classmates, and school!

Here are just a few things your student gains from Summer Connections:

  • Familiarity with Connexus®, our online learning system
  • An opportunity to participate in many exciting online school clubs available through the Student Experience program offered during the school year
  • New friendships among the virtual school community
  • A chance to play chess in our own Chess Gaming System with other students 24/7
  • Opportunities for students to share original work and be celebrated

How to Participate

If you are an existing student, there is no need to sign up for Summer Connections. Links to LiveLesson sessions are provided in the Summer Signal newsletter which arrives in Connexus WebMail boxes on Monday mornings throughout the summer.

If your student is not enrolled or is still in the process of enrolling, once all your enrollment documents have been verified, your student will automatically start receiving the Summer Signal newsletter by WebMail message.

Enroll Now

Summer Connections Offerings

Summer Signal—This weekly newsletter (sent via our secure WebMail system) has all the information you need about summer offerings. It includes some fun activities:

  • Brainteasers puzzles
  • Word of the week
  • Quiz Bowl questions
  • Opinion poll questions
  • 24-game challenge puzzles

24/7 Chess Gaming System—This system lets students play chess at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level against other students in different  schools!

LiveLesson® Sessions

Atomic Art: Get ready to take your art to a whole new level! Atomic artists will create art of their choice and show it off during LiveLesson® sessions. In addition, Ms. Wisniewski will share unique art craft ideas of epic proportions! See you there!

College Planning for Superheroes and Superheroines: Are you ready to discover your extraordinary talents, exceptional skills, and “super” qualities? Our school heroes and heroines will dedicate themselves to personal reflection and research that will focus their college search and identify the institutions that will best meet their educational and career goals! Empower yourself! Invest some time this summer to find the perfect colleges for you!

Galactic Games: Play games that are out of this world! Are you ready to dig deep and compete with students head-to-head in fun interactive games? We will engage in sensational battle-tested games such as Tower Defense and Spaceship Captain. We will also play virtual versions of games such as Planetary Pictionary. Plan to attend the Galactic Games LiveLesson sessions this summer as part of the Summer Connections program. Mrs. Schumaker will weigh super strength versus colossal creative thinking in a series of superhero-inspired games to find who will be Galactic Games champions!

Heroic Robots: What do you get when you mix robots and superheroes? A superexciting LiveLesson session! Join us as we marvel at heroic robots on and beyond the big screen in Heroic Robots!

Science behind Superheroes: Ever wonder just how plausible a superhero’s powers are? Ever wonder if regular humans can do some of the things you see on TV and in the movies? Come to this supersession to learn more about the science and history behind some of your favorite superheroes!

Superfoods: Come learn about foods that are supergood for you! Mrs. Lee welcomes your nutritious recipes and cooking tips. Let’s get cooking!

Super Sagas K–2; 3–5: Join these fun and engaging LiveLesson sessions to talk about favorite books, especially those about superheroes and legends. There will also be directions for creating your own books to share during LiveLesson sessions.

Super Sagas 6–8; 9–12: Join these fun and engaging LiveLesson sessions to talk about favorite books, especially those about superheroes and legends. We will also chat about the supersagas listed below at each session.

Superhero Math: Grab your math skills and your superhero cape and get ready to save the day! Each session, students will use various types of math to help them prepare for, navigate, and successfully complete a mission in a top secret location somewhere in this universe. Join us in these action-packed LiveLesson sessions for some superfun math!

Supersonic Sports: You don’t need to be a superhero to be strong, fast, and athletic! Join us this summer to show off your speed and improve your agility, try new moves to build your strength, and learn about athletes who are famous for their speed, strength, and skills. Fly into our legendary summer LiveLesson sessions—with your webcam, if you would like—and get ready to perform some heroic feats of athleticism!

Wonders of the World: Do you know what the seven wonders of the ancient world are? Do you know what the seven wonders of the natural world are? How about the seven wonders of the modern world? While we can’t all travel to these places, attending these Summer Connections will allow you to see amazing videos and images. Come learn about amazing places in our world and about engineering marvels created centuries ago! Time will be dedicated at the end of each session for students to share about places they have traveled to by getting on the microphone and webcam. Come and travel virtually with the Student Experience team!