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Carissa Simonski

Carissa with her daughter Brielle

Carissa Simonski is a parent and Learning Coach to Brielle, a middle school student at Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA). Her daughter is a busy gymnast and musician. Brielle’s attending school online allows Carissa’s family to stay on track. Carissa shares below what works for her daughter.

“As a mother and Learning Coach, most of my days revolve around balancing my daughter’s schedule, driving her around, and helping her stay on task. At the beginning of this past school year, my daughter was at a math, science, and technology middle school. She loved the challenging curriculum, but with injuries, unforeseen health issues, piano/voice lessons, and an extremely demanding gymnastics schedule, we discovered that a conventional school was no longer an option. With the large number of absences my daughter had accumulated just in the first two months of school, I knew I had to start searching for an online school for her. After seeing a few commercials about Great Lakes Cyber Academy, I gave them a call. Thankfully, Great Lakes Cyber Academy welcomed us in the middle of the school year and helped us acclimate.

I can’t say enough about the amazing teachers. They have all gone above and beyond for my daughter. What works best for my daughter is that she can work ahead so she isn’t behind on her schoolwork during gymnastics meet season, when we are traveling every week to different states for competitions. As a Learning Coach, I find it very rewarding to see my daughter thriving thanks to GLCA.”

Out of all the wonderful things that GLCA has to offer, the flexibility has given my family our quality of life back, and that has been life-changing for us.
— Carissa