Peter Parlee Carr

Peter riding his ATV

Peter Parlee Carr is a middle school student at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA). At TECCA, Peter has much more time for enjoyable activities. His mom shares his story below.

“Peter was very interested in home schooling, and our family did not want him going to the only school offered in our town anymore. TECCA was the best option for the family because it provides Peter with the best education. In his old school, he was never home before 4 pm, so there wasn’t a lot of time for fun stuff during the school year. Since starting at TECCA, Peter has tried baseball, hockey and rock climbing, model trains, gardening, and more. He is still searching for fun things to do, but his passions are archery and riding his ATV after his lessons are over. Sometimes when he just needs a break, he will take a ride on his ATV after he eats lunch. Peter’s favorite subject is art. He says, ‘I had no idea art was so fun. Until TECCA, art class was just working with construction paper and painting.’

When Peter’s friends have half days of school and vacation days, we always schedule a fun activity for them to do together and sometimes it is just hanging out at home.”

Peter says, “TECCA is totally different than the traditional school I attended. There is no 45 minute bus ride each way. There is no standing in line for lunch or when walking down the hallway. If I need help, it is there right away—I don’t have to raise my hand and hope the teacher sees me. Also, all of my work is homework and we choose to do it all before dinner, so my nights are free.”

I love TECCA because I learn many more things in less time than my old school
— Peter