Carly Gendell

Carly and friends in a recording studio

Carly Gendall is a middle school student at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA). Carly’s primary residence is Massachusetts, but she is often away from home when she is performing. Being able to do her schoolwork from anywhere, at any time, is essential for this budding Broadway star. Read below for Carly’s story.

“At TECCA, I am able to manage my own schedule and stay active in the things I love most – school and theatre. What interested me in TECCA was the flexibility. I recently moved to New York to be in the original cast of School of Rock on Broadway. Eight times a week I perform for the role of Marcy at the Winter Garden Theatre! It’s an amazing experience. Once I moved to New York, it was hard to maintain a regular school day with rehearsal and performances. With TECCA, I can make my own schedule and complete my schoolwork when I have extra time. Something that works well for me in this program is the calendar. The calendar keeps me up-to-date with lessons, and shows if there are big projects and tests coming up so I can prepare for them. The WebMails, supportive teachers, and flexibility have also helped me a lot. I like that everyone has different interests at TECCA!

My favorite subjects have to be language arts and math. I like language arts because reading can take me to faraway places and let me explore them, and writing allows me to make my own stories. I also like math because it helps me with my music skills, and I’ve used it in real life situations like counting money, making plans with friends, and measuring my height. At TECCA, my teacher, Ms. Moore, is very helpful. She is very kind and caring. She and my tutors at School of Rock, have helped me so much with my move to New York and all the big changes in my life.

Some activities I like to do with my friends are going to the beach, making mini movies, and baking. To stay in touch with my friends in Massachusetts, I usually text or video chat with them.”

At TECCA, I am able to manage my own schedule and stay active in the things I love most – school and theatre.
— Carly