Alexis Breen

Alexis dancing

Alexis Breen is a high school student at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA). At TECCA, Alexis is able to excel in both school and ballet. Her mom shares her story below.

“Alexis’ passion is ballet. She has been dancing since she was six years old. Alexis’ previous school was a small, all-girls private school, where she was able to manage both her high school and ballet curriculum. However, it was extremely stressful for her. Alexis is in the pre-professional ballet program at the Boston Ballet School, which requires her to travel to the Boston studio six days a week. Before enrolling with TECCA, she would get out of school every day at 2:42 and rush to the train station for 4:00 p.m. dance class. She would often arrive at the studio just 10-15 minutes prior to her class, which affected her focus and her ability to give the dance 100% effort. This year, because of her level of training, she now has to be in Boston for classes that begin at 2:00 p.m. and often dances as late as 7:30 p.m. Since joining TECCA, Alexis gets up early every morning and begins her school day. She works for several hours, and then travels to Boston, where she continues her studies until an hour prior to her ballet class. Her new schedule allows Alexis to complete her school work either before or after classes. She now has the time to stretch and clear her mind before dance class, so she can completely concentrate on her ballet technique. TECCA has helped Alexis to blend both academics and dance into a schedule that works for her.

Alexis’ favorite subjects are math and science because they make her think outside of her comfort zone. Alexis has an open relationship with her teachers; she communicates with them every week. She is not afraid to ask questions and discuss important topics, as well as new concepts and procedures. Alexis is also very comfortable with calling her teachers directly or e-mailing them.

Even though she is enrolled in an online high school, Alexis stays in contact with her friends from her previous school. When her schedule permits, they spend time together by going to the movies, shopping in the mall, and doing other teenage activities. Alexis plans to graduate high school while pursuing her dream of dancing ballet professionally. She wants to go to college after graduation, and hopes to find a school similar to TECCA that will allow her to pursue a degree in early childhood education and the fine arts.”

I like TECCA because I can challenge myself and advance my studies and ballet career!
— Alexis