Kristen Martin

Kristen Martin

Kristen Martin is the parent of a middle school student at TEC Connections Academy Commonwealth Virtual School (TECCA). Kristen saw a love for learning in her son that she knew she needed to foster. She researched options for schooling at home and knew TECCA would be a good fit. Kristen shares more of her son’s story below.

“We learned about Connections Academy when our oldest son was in kindergarten. We had sent him to a Montessori school because we liked the way they taught and were thrilled that it cultivated a love of learning in our child. Through research, we learned what a great program Connections Academy was and decided that at some point we would revisit this decision. At that time, TECCA didn’t exist. In order to attend Connections Academy in our state, we would have to pay for private schooling, but we were not in a financial situation to do so. Thankfully, TECCA was soon in its first year and we planned to transition to TECCA the following year.

We were impressed with the way TECCA’s lessons were presented and the harmony between subjects. We knew we didn’t want to ‘homeschool’ our son; we wanted a school that would have teachers that he could go to and classmates to interact with. We also wanted him to get a good education that would allow him to make decisions about his limitless future.

Our family works best early in the day and we enjoying making our schedule. We start by going for a walk and then we come home to settle down for school. Our son loves the LiveLesson® sessions and interacting with his teachers and classmates. During the lessons, he not only learns the information being presented, but also how to work with others in ‘pods’ and gain leadership skills.

Our son dreams of being an inventor. TECCA has helped him by allowing him to see and experience a diverse education. He learns about different people and places that spark his creativity. The many interactive lessons engage all of his senses and take his learning to a deeper level. Working at his own pace is such a benefit because sometimes he feels he needs more time to absorb the material. Other times, he enjoys the subject and wants to do more research. Our son’s favorite class is history. We have enjoyed talking about history together, and it’s been nice for me to refresh my history knowledge.

We feel that moving our son to TECCA was a life-changing decision. We now see him excited about school–he actually talks about what he is learning! Our son’s teachers are great! Any time there is a question or challenge, they have been there to help us. TECCA is more than just an education–it teaches valuable life lessons and responsibility so that students learn to ‘own’ their education.”

TECCA is more than just an education–it teaches valuable life lessons and responsibility so that students learn to ‘own’ their education.
— Kristen