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Melissa Harvey

English Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Master of Arts, Educational Leadership, University of South Florida 


Melissa Harvey has over 15 years of experience teaching high school English. She joined Maine Connections Academy in 2019. Mrs. Harvey shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher, because I wanted to help children foster a love for learning; reading, and writing. 

The Online School Experience at Maine Connections Academy

This is a huge change from brick-and-mortar schools. Maine Connections Academy helps students not only comprehend the learning principles that all students need but helps them understand technology at the same time.

As teachers we are continually working to improve our practice by learning from others. We foster a culture where students take ownership of their learning, and we constantly seek out opportunities to support student empowerment and success. 

My Interests

I love to read, bake, do jigsaw puzzles, and play board games with my family and friends.

"Every child should have the option to receive an education, and I truly believe that without Maine Connections Academy, an entire group of students would be without a proper education. School choice is not only important, but essential today."

— Ms. Harvey