Aubrey Scheiner

Brandon Look

Chemistry and Physics Teacher

Bachelor of Arts, History, University of Maine

Look has over 19 tears of teaching experience. He specializes in high school Chemistry and Physics, primarily teaching grades 11 and 12. He joined Connections Academy in 2018. Mr. Look shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

As an Instructor for Emergency Services (Fire/EMS/LE & occasionally the National Guard) focusing mainly on Chemistry & Physics and continue to do so part-time. In 2012, I chose to switch focus to teaching high school. 

The Online School Experience at Maine Connections Academy

Teaching online is not nearly as simple as videotaping yourself in front of a whiteboard. At Maine Connections Academy, I get to push boundaries for how classes are taught, and information shared. When it comes to experiments, I like to make demonstrations as compelling as possible.

My Interests

I got my start in emergency services in grade school as a junior firefighter. I loved the work, went to every training, and obtained certification for helicopter operations. I would often leave in May or June and come back in late August for the next year of college.

"Maine Connections Academy is just as rigorous as other schools, but where it really shines is that it allows students to begin specializing in a preferred field earlier than most."

— Mr. Look