Hannah Tjarks

High School English Teacher

BA, Secondary Education, English, Marist College

Teylor Hamilton is a high school English teacher and joined Connections Academy® in 2020. In college, she tutored for Upward Bound, a federal program that works with low-income and first-generation students. After graduating in 2019, Ms. Hamilton moved to Hawaii and taught seventh grade English for a year.

Why I Became a Teacher

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. When I was a child, I would sit and teach my dolls everything I learned in school. I also had teachers who were instrumental in crafting my confidence as a learner and person.

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

I appreciate the support I receive from my coworkers and managers. I feel connected to the community despite teaching and working remotely.

We’ve got your student. The teachers here really care about making sure your student succeeds no matter what it takes.

— Ms. Hamilton

The Benefits of K–12 Online Learning

We underestimate how much technology is a part of our world. Being able to navigate the technological world and learn from it is so important moving forward. Not only that, but the number of courses in college readiness and career prep at Iowa Connections Academy means that no matter the path a student chooses post-high school, they will be ready.

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