Headshot of Ms. Blankinship

Sholanda Irvin

High School English Language Arts and Reading Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Education, Indiana University; Master of Science, Education, Indiana University        

Sholanda Irvin started teaching in 2003 and joined Iowa Connections Academy in 2017. She teaches English language arts and reading to students in grades 9–12. 

Why She Became a Teacher

According to Ms. Irvin, “I love teaching and learning. This is my twenty-first year in the field of education.”

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

“A virtual education at this school offers students a great deal of flexibility,” reports Ms. Irvin.

Message for Families Interested in Online School

If there’s one thing Ms. Irvin would tell parents thinking of enrolling a child in this school, it’s that “teachers at Iowa Connections Academy go the extra mile to support students throughout their learning process.” 

This school helps prepare students [for a bright and successful future, in part,] by teaching college preparatory classes.

— Ms. Irvin 

Ms. Irvin’s Personal Interests

In her free time, Ms. Irvin likes to travel and write.