Headshot of Ms. Salk-Scheler

Dana Salk-Scheler

Algebra and Geometry Teacher

University of Minnesota, Morris; St. Cloud State University      

Dana Salk-Scheler started teaching in 2000 and joined Iowa Connections Academy in 2023, where she teaches algebra and geometry. Before joining our school, Ms. Salk-Scheler taught at New Mexico Connections Academy for five years.

Why She Became a Teacher

According to Ms. Salk-Scheler, “After I had a college professor who made the subject so fun and understandable, I wanted to do the same for other students. . . . [The most rewarding thing about teaching here is] getting to know the students.”

The Online School Experience at Iowa Connections Academy

“Developing relationships with students is key to engagement,” reports Ms. Salk-Scheler. “Providing a safe learning environment where they feel they can ask questions and participate really helps. 

“I conduct tutoring twice a week where students can come and ask questions, or they can go into a breakout room with their peers and work on assignments together. . . . I like to play [an online game called] Kahoot! with my students to have a little competition and fun.” 

Message for Families Interested in Online School

If there’s one thing Ms. Salk-Scheler would tell parents thinking of enrolling a child in this school, it’s that “students at Iowa Connections Academy get a great education along with resources that will help even beyond high school. . . . This school helps prepare students for a successful future by providing them with a rigorous curriculum and a great staff.”

What I love about teaching online is being able to meet with students at different times throughout the day, not just the one hour you’d get in person.

— Ms. Salk-Scheler

Ms. Salk-Scheler’s Personal Interests

In her free time, Ms. Salk-Scheler enjoys spending time with her family and dogs.